Steering & Suspension System Repair

If your car, or truck, is having steering, or suspension system problems, it’s critical to get it into the shop from a safety standpoint, especially here in Harrisonville where the roads are old, narrow and in need of repair.

Here’s how you can tell if your vehicle has issues with its steering or suspension system:

  • Vehicle pulls to one side or the other
  • Vehicle continues to bounce after going over a bump
  • Steering seems to slip as you hold the wheel in a turned position
  • Steering wheel takes more effort to complete turns
  • Steering wheel bounces up and down when traveling at higher speeds, or when braking
  • Steering wheel tends to wander and you have to fight to keep your car on path

There are a lot of components that comprise your steering system, and any one of them can cause issues. Common problems include:

  • Low steering fluid
  • Loose steering pump belt
  • Worn steering component rack
  • Wheels out of alignment
  • Tires out of balance
  • Damaged tires or tread
  • Bad power steering pump
  • Problems with brake rotors
  • Loose wheel lug nuts
  • Tires incorrectly inflated
  • Worn ball joints
  • Damaged or worn out shocks or struts
  • Strut bearings are shot

It’s best to have your car or truck inspected by a trained professional that understand how all the components work together and can properly diagnose the symptoms so you don’t have to pay more than you have to, yet still get the job done right. Come to Todd’s Automotive Repair, and we’ll give you an honest assessment, based off of years experience. We’re conveniently located at 401 Plaza Drive, just minutes away from anywhere in Harrisonville. Call for a no obligation quote, and/or appointment at 816-380-1088.