Shock Strut Replacement

Get your shocks and struts inspected and repaired at a repair shop conveniently located in Harrisonville. Todd’s Automotive Repair is located at 401 Plaza Drive, just minutes away from South 71 Highway, and other major roads. Call for an appointment, or no obligation quote at 816-380-1088.

Proper functioning of your car, or truck’s, shocks and/or struts is critical to your vehicle’s ability to handle corners so their is a strong safety consideration, especially in Harrisonville, where many of the roads are old, narrow, and may be in need of repair. When Winter arrives, it’s even more important that your vehicle can handle adverse road conditions.

What to look for:

  • Abnormal tire wear
  • Bumpy ride
  • Bottoming out when going over a dip
  • Leaks in the shock absorber housing
  • Dents in the shock or strut body
  • Pitted piston rods
  • Worn rubber bushings